I decided to lose my article-virginity today. Why today? Well, something happened and I thought it might be a good thing to write about it. But first, let me put you into context.

A year ago, I broke up with my friends. I found out they were criticizing me and talking sh*t about me behind my back. They were calling me a slut because I made out with boys when I went to the club, they said I felt superior than them because I was prettier, smarter and my parents had more money.

It wasn't like that.

I made out with boys because for all my life I had been overweight and two years ago I finally lost some weight and I am now fit. In my first year of high school I began to show interest in makeup. I was feeling confident, strong and good about myself. Boys saw that so they began to feel attraction for me. It made me feel good to make out with boys, it made me think I was pretty. I was fifteen at the time, it wasn't like I was having sex with everyone. It was just kissing.

But they were jealous. Because I was getting all the boys, I was doing good in school and I was changing to a private high school (I decided to change before everything went wrong). Yes, it was a private high school, so yes, you had to have some money too attend the school. But I wasn't bragging about it. I kinda felt bad for leaving my old school (Now I don't, tho).

So, because my "friends" where developing these feelings towards me, we began to distance ourselves. We didn't talk, we didn't hang out, we weren't friends really.

And then sh*t went down.

A girl sent me some recordings one of my "friends", let's call her Jenny. So Jenny was talking bullsh*t about me, calling me a slut, an obnoxious bitch and all kind of things.

So today, after more than a year later, I met up with one of them. Let's call her Mandy. Mandy had been my friend since we were three. Our parents were friends, we were always together and when all happened we just went different ways. Once I confronted them about the recordings, she was the first to apologize for talking bad about me and she explained why she did what she did.

We've just caught up but she's told me something that really pissed me off. Turns out that Jenny dated a boy for some time. They were together for two weeks, they had sex and then they broke up.

And you were calling me a hoe?

I mean, you can do whoever you want. Your body, your life, your decisions. But even I, Jenny, who you call a slut, would wait some more time before losing my virginity (not the article kind).

I immediately told Mandy I thought that was a little hypocrite of her. Turns out she thought the same. She thought Jenny's behavior wasn't the same lately, she was behaving like a slut, like what she used to call me.

At the end of our reunion I thought: "Well, that wasn't that bad." I didn't feel awkward at all with Mandy and I realized that the one who made me lose contact with my friends was Jenny, and just Jenny.

I hope I can keep hanging out with Mandy because I did have a great time with her and she told me things that have helped who was the toxic one in our group of friends.

In conclusion, f*ck you Jenny!

Just kidding. She already got her karma, so it's all balanced. Now, in conclusion, if you had to distance yourself from your friends and after some time you aren't sure why that happen, just try to contact them again. Maybe things happened, they changed or it was all misunderstood and you can re-befriend again.