A thousand shards on the ground
The sound of silence around me
The taste of tears in my mouth
Suddenly, I'm alone

Cards been throwing all around
And fall open next to me
Just a minute ago, a house full of love
Right now, not a thing, no more

Yesterday seems like it never happened
The future is all gone
But with the emptiness in my heart
I feel, very strangely, free

A thousand words won't mean a thing
You became a stranger to me.
But the emptiness that you brought
Felt, very strangely, liberating

Rather the trust
Than the best dressed lie

What would you pick?
If you could choose
Between knowing,
and forgetting?

A thousand shards are on the ground
A long, deep breath
For all that good that dissapeard
Something better in return

One moment of not thinking
A wrong desicion that moment
Didn't expect that
I would end in hell

I don't know what happened next
Abused by one, bad pill
I've been sad for long enough
I get over this, I will.