tree pose

sunset, yoga, and tree pose image

Do set focus point, open hips and pull belly in - Don't sink in, hunch the shoulders or be rigid

Downward facing dog

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Do lengthen back, pull navel into spin and push hips to the sky - don't focus on heels, flare ribs or have hands to wide apart

Dancing Shiva

Bleu, crazy, and ⓟⓛⓐⓨⓐ image

Do open your heart, breathe deeply and kick back - don't be afraid to fall, open hips or look down.

Triangle Pose

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Do strong legs, open hips and lengthen both sides - don't push down, square hips or look to the floor.

Half pigeon pose

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Do open heart, push out chest, pull in belly and push back shoulders - don't sink into floor, hunch shoulders or forget to breathe.

Warrior 2

warrior pose 2 image

do send energy to finger tips and keep front foot in line with back - don't push foot too far forward