its been 2 years since i'm clean from harming myself, i never thought i could come this far but still here i am.

i still think about ending my life sometimes but its better than before.

the only thing prevented me from suicide is thinking, i thought about how people will react to my death, fuck people, how my pets would react, i have 9 pets, and i cannot imagine being far away from them.

i found inspiration in my pets, sounds ridiculous but its true.

life is very beautiful, i know things can be rough sometimes but its all worth it, bad times makes us appreciate the good times.

if your going through suicidal thoughts or anything please remember you're not alone, if i can recover from this than so can you!

think about all the positive things instead of negative, think about the people you care about, think about anything you love.

listen to music, read books, find inspiration in things.

life is short kid, there's no point in ending it.

things can be rough but everything happens for a reason

fuck what others think about it, always be yourself, keep your head up instead of down, speak for yourself without being scared, do whatever you want, swear, smoke, drink, anything you want.

don't lose hope, hope is one of the reason's i'm pretty much alive.

please don't hurt yourself, if its hurting you that much, talk to someone, online or real life, anyone who cares, it can be friends or family, you can even talk to me if you have problems that are troubling you, i don't judge, i may not know you but i do care.

place your hand over your heart, can you feel it? that is called purpose. you're alive for a reason, don't give up.

stay alive fren.