That once held vibrant color now lies dull and dark
What once had life now lies in the hands of inescapable death
What once had beauty now is gone

Yet it is till remember as what once had beauty at a one point
It's petals fade from that irresistible red to dark violet
The colors outside only depict that it will wither soon
But as it once started out small bloomed into an alluring creature

It was set aside due to its small size and lack of fragrance
It appealed to all once it bloomed into its true self
Yet it too had a contract with death one it could not escape whether it liked it or not
It's reds turned to violets within days and some never even noticed but I did

It started off slow, one by one taken at a time
No matter how long I tried to save it or preserved it
It couldn't be stopped or prevented so I just watched and observed
As death took all its red and left violets to dead