Fall... Who doesn't love fall. Fall has everything, it's not to cold it's not to hot has all this amazing colours ,has this amazing decoration which you love ,I love it to but most of the times don't you think " Ι like it but I have samething similar at home do I have to buy that ??" or my personal favorite becouse I always I think about when it's fall " OMGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!! it's amazing.Look that little deer isn't it so sweet I love it !!! Wait a minute... do I have money ??? :p " and sadently I don't have extra money to buy it...and then it came to mind this amazing idea. I take a look to my basket and I found some yogurt,some tomatos,potatos ,bannas ,carrots,pop corns ,milk, chocollets and of course candles (because is fall and you need it ) A normal people will choose to do not buy all this candles because you need the food..Right ???? Of course not IT IS FALL YOU NEED CANDLES!! And yes I choose to leave some of the groceries for the deer... And yes I did it... of course in the end of the week I didn't have anything to eat...:) I call my mum ... I ask her if I can to eat there, the answer was:
- Did you spent your money for fall decoratio AGAIN ??
-Ok,ok,ok I did it but it was that sweet deer. I try to do not buy it but it look at me with this beuatiful eyes . It call my name mum
Yes this is the usual conversetion with my mum every fall
And the worst thing is that my mum suggest me to go with my best firend for groceries and I listen her... You now what happen next ?... we both call my mum in the end of the week
But the most wonderful thing about fall is this amazing colours and photos and the forest becouse you have all this colours of fall in one place and not just that you smell ,you feel the fall but most of all you feel that you will get the most amazing photo ever...Don't tell me that you don't feel it or you don't care about photo becaouse this is a lie. ok ,ok ,ok ,maybe you don't care to post it in the social media but everyone love photos, becouse photos is something wnich is gonna remeber you every sincle momment of your life and not just the momment but also yourfriends,your family or some friends from a trip this is the momments that you wont to keep.But do you want to know what momment you don't have to keep?...

That momment of halloween that you and best friend dress up like corrot and potato or like grandfather and grandmam but all your other friends was dress up like a sexy bunny, sexy pirates or nothing... yessss you don't really need to keep this photos 'couse if you forgot it then your friends will remember for you.And the last...of course you remember this heighbour that you have and alomost all heighbourhood have that love so much the halloween who decorate everything I mean I love to the decoration...abviously but this guy decoret the half of his house like cematary and the other half with monster pumpkins and all his house is full of lights and he doesn't take them off until the cristmas...But the most tragic thing is that he belives that the decoretion is scary and he ask you if it 's scary xp .... What ?? Is that happen just in my heighbourhood? ??