To the brown-eyed boy whose smile could light up the whole dimmed town with dark hair, thinking of you from the distance that God only knows how long, I now know that there are certain things that make you uncertain after awhile witnessing it goes, that at one point, you just had to let it go. I now understand that some people, no matter how far they've wandered, if it's meant to be in your life, they'll always find their way back to you. Now, I don't know which one of these life 'little rules' applies to the story of our future, but know that there's always that little, soft spot in my heart, that's written boldly with your name on it. And that, no enough amount of erasers can ever wipe that out. And guess what? You'll stay there, now, tomorrow and forevermore. And right now, it's like only your footsteps print left on that, and stories that you've left my mind with to become bittersweet memories, but when the wind leads you back, you know you'll always find a home there, when you've found your way back, the door will be open widely for you and there's gonna be a fireplace waiting for you to warm you up from the coldness of the world.