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"I do not think that a queen has ever raised her voice to tell such terrible and open truths that can only be said when you look at death in front and you are going to keep her heroic, without blinking and without bothering about the slow torture of agony."

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"Oh, Lord, if I would be a man, with the rights of a man and the spirit of a man, that I have in my female body! I would excite them, urge them to a desperate, glorious endurance, whatever it is!"

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"Power is a companion it is not easy to part with, when it goes, the zest of life goes with it. With dry eyes and clenched fist, one stares after it, jealous of the next one it will single out."

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"Hidden but earnest, mercy makes the deepest root of my self. It has always been given to me to see the painful side of the man who falls into ridicule or anger, the tragic side of the man who falls into sin, and the sad side in the cruel man, and I have always realized the immense mistakes made by men when they judge each other. They never look to the heart of things, and they do not understand their true and mysterious origins. They float above the truths, and their interpretations and judgments stop on the surface, as if they fear the turmoil that would bring them a full understanding. They formulate theories, they are hiding by obsolete principles, their only moral foundation from which they feel they are not allowed to climb, because they defend the belief of deeper and harsher realities, the reality created by God!"

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