Why is it so hard to have a relationship in this modern day. Can we just go back to the simple days where if someone liked you they told you face to face, they displayed romantic gestures, complimented you. These days the only way to interact is through our phones. Social media is the new love letters and to be honest it breaks my heart. Dating sites are depressing, you either have to be super good looking or showing your bare body to be noticed by the million others trying to be recognised. And then when you do get that perfect match and you think all things are going well, they turn for the worse. i feel like nobody has standards anymore, all everyone really wants is a quick one night stand and to add another to their ever growing list. To be honest I have been stood up, I have been humiliated and heartbroken, I have been played the fool and to tell you the truth I haven't even been in a relationship yet. I know I most likely am not the only one out there who has been through this pain, but will I ever get a 'happily ever after'? thats the question I'm dying to know.