The 80s were the years when people knew more about how to enjoy in life. Let's start from childhood. Kids were playing on a street, they were more outside than in the house. They were playing with toys such as Game Boy, puzzles, bouncing balls and so on. Today's kids are less socialized. They spend less time outside. They are sitting at home, playing video games and watching cartoons.

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Teenagers were listening Michael Jackson, Guns N' Roses, Tina Turner and so on. We can't imagine happiness of teenagers in that time when album of their favorite band of singer came out. They were collecting money to buy it. That was about two months' worth of pocket money. Why we can't imagine happiness of them? Because today we can listen every song we want on Youtube. Everything is too available to us.

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When the boy wanted to ask a girl out he needed to phone her. In that time, there wasn't text messages. Boys were like "Please don't let it be her dad who picks up the phone..."

Unfortunately, time changes. We are becoming slaves of social networks and we are forgeting about real life values. The number of suicides increases every day because people are unhappy. They can't find a solution for their problems. But, together, we can change the world! We can make the world better place for life! I hope this text will inspire you :)