i know that you won't read this.But i just want to say i really love your laugh and eyes.
i really love your smartness and stupidity at the same time
i wish you could know that you are more than a friend to me.
we had too many common things,
we were texting almost everynight,we were saying goodnight and goodmorning every single day.
Everything was really perfect until that day:
The day,when you said that you love a girl
The day,when you wanted advices to talk to her
The day i hated myself
The day,when you told your memories with her

I wish you could see how i fell apart
I wish you could know how i cried
But i acted like i was really happy.

I want to be mad at you,but i just can't
so as a friend i will always be here for you

-me,i'm not perfect

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//Should i smile because we are friends ? or should i cry because we'll never be anything more// via teenfeelsxx