Color Meaning for Aries

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It's no wonder Aries zodiac signs are blazing the color-trail with red. You're a sign of passion, high energy and enthusiasm. Aries rolls out the procession of signs, and red corresponds with that essence of initiation. Red is such an energizing color; it tends to kick-start your engines and enhance your exuberance. For Aries, red ignites, it sizzles. Red for your sign is all about action, pleasure and even love. Red is aligned with the root chakra, which means you have remarkable abilities to light and kindle your fire even under the most depressing circumstances. It also means you can easily give your fire to others. Your passion easily spreads when your inspirational flame is lit. Release your red radiance! You have so much light to offer the world, and the world needs your fiery spirit!

Color Meaning for Taurus

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Considering your sign is grounded in earth energy, it's no surprise your governing color is green. Think lush growth, natural splendor, and rich renewal. Green is a springtime, youthful sign. Your color meaning suggests you are a kid at heart. Even so, you love to see things grow up and thrive. Green is symbolic of family and unity. Hearth and home are of prime importance to you. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if you have a 'green thumb' - digging in the garden - or have at least a few houseplants around. As a grounding color, green implies a gift with gaining material resources and even skill in money matters. You Taurus' can tap into the color of money with your green goodness. You may be surprised how 'getting your green on' can help obtain monetary balance. Green is aligned with the heart chakra. This means matters of the heart (close, friends, sentimentality) are at the forefront of who you are. Green indicates you are a sensitive soul with 'evergreen' capacity for growth.

Color Meaning for Gemini

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Some people paint the town paint it orange. Why? Because orange is the color of diversity, sociability and inspiration. You are an orangey muse! Your color meanings imply a high level of engagement with other people and a strong sense of your place within a close-knit community. The color orange is symbolic of harmony. Ergo, (as a dualistic sign) it's not surprising orange is your color, Gemini. You strive to keep things as mellow and balanced as possible. Invoke orange energy to help you with this. Orange can illuminate you and get you on fire to express yourself in healthy ways. Orange is aligned with the sacral chakra. That means you are likely designed for discovery and exploration. This color will inspire you to be more adventurous (if you're not already). Your color is expansive, impressive and lovely. Get your orange-glow on and aspire to shine up to your highest potential.

Color Meaning for Cancer

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You can go very deep....deep within yourself, within the realm of dreams and emotions. Violet will pull you out and energize you when you feel overwhelmed. It's a perfect color match for Cancer zodiac signs because it symbolically reflects idealism. You've got a great perspective on how things should be. Tapping into the color meanings of violet will help you manifest your ideas and expectations. Simply consider a lovely twilight scene. Get fluid with that dreamy violet realm of twilight. Doing so will engage your intuition which, in turn, will allow you to see your visions into reality. Violet is aligned with the crown chakra. This means you have massive potential for higher consciousness, deep understanding and spiritual growth. As a Cancer, you can latch on to fluffy stuff, bring it up to the surface of consciousness and share it with the world. So dive deep into your violet waters of dreams and emotions, and haul out your findings for the rest of us to marvel at!

Color Meaning for Leo

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Leo zodiac signs are absolutely radiant, so it's a no-brainer their color mimics the light of the sun. You have the capacity to shine your light on the world and even into the universe. It's your charisma that makes you so expansive. Like the rays of the sun, you've got this energy that just doesn't quit. Yellow is symbolic of humor, intelligence, courage and strength. It's also a very positive color. If you are feeling low, consider focusing on the energy of yellow. Because it's your affiliated color, yellow-centric focus should get your spirits lifted in no time. Don a yellow scarf, or put a yellow clip in that lovely Leonean mane of yours (for you blokes out there, try a yellow bow-tie, lol). I'm betting it will make all the difference in your mood. Yellow is aligned with solar plexus chakra. This implies you're accustomed (and maybe even enjoy) being the center of attention. After all - that yellow sun is central to our solar system. Rock your centralized presence! Use your influence, intelligence and magnetism to do great things. Just as the sun nurtures the land, so too can you!

Color Meaning for Virgo

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Your zodiac color says "stay calm, and carry on". Blue for Virgo has a very calming, tranquil energy to it. As a result, you rarely have (too much) of a problem finding your "happy place". Because you are skilled at tapping into peace and balance, others are attracted to your easy-going demeanor. In fact, blue is a nurturing, helpful color. I wouldn't be surprised if you are the go-to person when people need help. Your understanding runs deep, and you intuitively know how to attend to the needs of others. What's even more cool, is you do this in a way that is full of honesty and integrity. You genuinely care about the well being of life around you. Blue is aligned with throat chakra. This means you can effectively communicate your feelings without coming off as abrasive or sharp. You can be naturally eloquent and diplomatic with your expression. This is a huge asset. The world could benefit mightily from your healing, thoughtful ways. Harness your beautiful blue hues, and keep doing the good work you do.

Color Meaning for Libra

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Color meanings for Libra zodiac signs is fresh, alive and scintillating with green, gemmy goodness. You've got this glimmery sparkle about you that is both enchanting and delightful. Part of that green goodness comes from an innate knowing about how things should be in the world. You inherently know how things equate, balance and come together to bring about perfect harmony. Nature is a big necessity for you. If stuffed in a box without green grass underfoot, you'd go utterly mad. Thankfully, you strive to give yourself what you need to grow and thrive. Your instinct for survival is super-keen. You know what it takes to be healthy and well. You also know what it takes to get a job done, and you're usually fearless about taking chances to achieve your goals. Green is aligned with the heart chakra. This is symbolic of healing and mastering the heart's calling. In Libra's case, this means delving into matters of the heart with that amazing power of discernment you possess. You've got incredible ability to get to core issues, find solutions and tip the scales to heal and restore balance. Go green, Libra. Unleash your power to facilitate growth, understanding and healing in the world.

Color Meaning for Scorpio

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In my research, I had a hard time pinning down your color, Scorpio. That's okay, I'm accustomed to you sweet peeps always eluding me. In the end, red is your color. Why? Because red goes deep, like you do. Visualize a volcano. I can't think of a better metaphor for Scorpio-red. Deep within you is a passion that stirs and churns. That lava-love within you is sometimes very calm....sometimes bubbling at the brim, aching to spring forth with startling power. Red is a color of sensuality, love, potential, magic and manifestation. You can burn brighter than most. What's even hotter about that, is you KNOW you are hunka hunka burnin' love of awesomeness. You know your furnace is always on, and you have the wits to know when to let yourself run or when to idle. Red is root chakra energy. That substantiates the whole volcano imagery. Way deep within you is a magnificent fire. You can kindle that fire by knowing your value, feeling acceptance and embracing your power. Get lit, Scorpio. The world is waiting to see your beautiful potential.

Color Meaning for Sagittarius

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There is an electric quality to violet that matches Sagittarius zodiac signs' energy. Enthusiasm is the watchword for your color aligned with your sign. You've got gusto, and you usually aren't afraid to prove it. On the end of the color spectrum, violet implies temperance too. This is a lovely juxtaposition. It suggests a hefty sense of adventure while still having the ability to be intellectual. In fact, Sagittarius-violet is a heady color. Violet energy is excited when it comes to adventures in understanding and wisdom. This means you have a gift for sharing your knowledge in uncommon, adventurous ways. Violet is also a color of spirituality, and your explorations may often revolve around spiritual themes. This color is aligned with the crown chakra. That means you set your sights on higher understanding and intuitive evolution. You're always aiming further - looking to hit that bulls eye of wisdom and truth. Your violet visions are vital. Why? Because your zeal for your beliefs can be a rare breed in this world. Keep weaving your violet webs of wisdom, so the rest of the world can get caught up in your dreams and aspirations.

Color Meaning for Capricorn

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Color meanings of indigo for Capricorn zodiac signs deals with depth of perception. You have the ability to pierce the darkness and see clearly through confusion. Your ability to cut through the malarkey is a precious gift to those around you. People depend on your consistent display of cool action. Indigo can pose a realm of unknowns, which may make you uncomfortable. Because you are gifted with intellectual alacrity, you like facts. Taking risks or delving into the unknown isn't your bag baby. Nevertheless, indigo implies you have tremendous instinct. I suspect you might occasionally kick yourself for not acting on that hunch due to the risk-factor...only to find out your instinct was right all along. It's all good, Cappy. Settle into your indigo pools of inner knowing. You've got the perception, confidence and wherewith all to do what you've got to do. Indigo is aligned with the third-eye chakra. That's mighty powerful intuition coming into play. Open your third eye and see what the rest of the world sees in you: Capability, Endurance and Wisdom.

Color Meaning for Aquarius

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You have a keen sensitivity that has the color violet written all over it. This sensitivity shows itself as high creativity. As an expressive color, violet implies you find great joy in expressing your depth through art, music, writing. You are a violet mage. You have incredible ability to take ephemeral concepts, and weave them into meaningfulness with style. Violet can be a very internal color. Meaning, sometimes you are pulled into your own dreamy whirlpools of thought and sensitivity. Thankfully, violet can be very energizing too. This means you can activate the high frequencies of this color to draw you out of seclusion if you feel you've gone too far into the depths of yourself. You and your color meanings are expansive. Your understanding of the world is broad and unorthodox. You strive to bring forth your unique understanding so that others might see your colorful angle on life. Violet is aligned with the crown chakra. That means you can easily succeed in canvassing your vision for the world to see. You've got heady insight and high ideals. These assets require you to be engaged in order for you to share them with the world. It's vital you bring forth the waters of your unconventional views and discoveries.

Color Meaning for Pisces

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Your indigo-colored waters run deep, Pisces. Some of the emotional waters you swim in are very dark - but very little escapes your perception. Indigo is all about moving deeply...especially in matters of emotion. You don't even have to see what's going on around you. You can just feel the energetic waves of emotion. This makes you highly sensitive to external influences. Luckily, indigo can be a very insulating and protective energy. Wear indigo when you need to be shielded from the psychic clatter of the world around you. When done consciously, this act will cast a bubble around you to keep you from the barrage going on around you. Alternatively, indigo is a cool color. This means that sense of insulation might get twisted into isolation. Allow yourself to swim deeply, Pisces, but don't hide yourself from the world. We need your sensitivity, your intensity and your powerful perception to remind us how profoundly connected we all are. Indigo is aligned with the third-eye chakra. That means your psychic abilities are extraordinarily keen. You can spend a lot of time in contemplation and meditation. When you come out of your ruminations, you've usually got some kind of impression. Often, your instinct is correct. You can hone this gift. Indigo is a gift of growth and vision. Your gifts of perception can help others in advancing their dreams, and realizing their greatest potential. You can use your gifts to give yourself the same lift. Go indigo, Pisces. You're worth it

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