Hey You! Yes, You, the one in front of your screen reading this article.
I have one simple request from you. Can you do it for me?
- Take off your mask while reading this.
Simple yet complicated. We all wear masks. Heck, even I do it!
Infront of the teachers when we laugh to their jokes to get better grades, to a friend in the group even though we dont like them, just so we dont feel like outcasts and so on. Little things sigh.
Be honest, how many times you smiled when you were angry or sad?
I am not saying that we necessarily need to stop wearing masks. We often protect ourselves by wearing them.
But we need to stop and learn when its time for them to go.
The time is : when you are alone ( like now, in your thoughts reading this) and when you are with people that matter to you.
I knew a lot of people who would wear masks infront of acquaintances so they would feel accepted, while ignoring the ones that truly cared... so in persuit to get 5 stars from everyone* they lost people who showed souls. (* In series Black mirror there is an episode where you get graded by everyone you interact with and those grades determine how respectable you will be in society. Ofcourse everyone faked emotions and those who didnt were treated like trash.)
I knew the others who would tell lies to themselves while being on a party of how they were happy on last one while in reality they were doing the same thing on that "awsome last one". Wouldn`t it be better if they took mask off, said " I dont like it here, it is not my thing." and go do something that makes them happy. - On a walk, to talk with friend, to draw, watch something on Netflix ect. We create our stories, lets make them truthful.

book, life, and quote image

There is so many exemples. You can try to remember one yourself.

When I thought about all of it I came to conclusion that I would rather have my friend tell me " I dont like it, I think that or this would be better! " instead of wearing mask and lying to my face. We need to see more souls. Social media is ostensibly creating more masks, but with WHI we can be honest and choose to show who we are!

So here is one more task for you. You can do it or you can skip it... you dont need to wear mask, you have a choice to do as you please.
- Send me a postcard and write your opinion on this article. If u hated it I wanna hear it, if u wanna swear do it! I will be happy that u said what is on your mind :) . If you wanna write something else you can, let this postcard be the canvas of your soul.

Lots of love, without the mask.

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