- their skin glows, and sometimes there’s glitter!

maggie lindemann, makeup, and goals image

- they share their favorite songs with you!

music and black and white image

- sometimes you see a girl and she’s so beautiful you can’t believe she’s real!

aesthetic, boys, and makeup image aesthetic, boys, and makeup image aesthetic, black beauty, and boys image beauty, eyes, and makeup image

- they always smell nice! whether it’s their shampoo, lip gloss, body lotion or perfume!

flowers, rose, and pink image

- when they hug you everything is okay again!

aesthetic and love image

- when the sunlight shines on their hair and eyes and they look like angels!

girl, hair, and tumblr image

- they paint each other’s nails! they send each other heartfelt gifts! they compliment each other!

girl, friends, and bff image friends, moon, and city image

- girls can pull off any style! dresses, suits, flannel, bomber jackets… all pretty!

fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, alternative, and girls image

- when they sing or hum along to the radio!

girl, friends, and car image

- they blush easily!

cute, aesthetic, and blush image
just like this

- they look great with both short and long hair, and with any hair color!

hair, beach, and summer image girl, hair, and beauty image

- when you need help they’re always there!
(oops sorry i did not find any pic )

- being with them, even though you’re both doing nothing, makes your day!

aesthetic, grunge, and tumblr image

- spending time with them is so healing!

- they make other girls feel amazing about their body and talents despite having their own insecurities!

Abusive image

- rosy cheeks! pretty eyes! soft hair! marshmallow heart!

beauty, eyes, and makeup image

- they are so strong! they stand up for themselves! they protect each other! they fight for what they believe in!

woman, girl, and quotes image

- they give you confidence! they help you overcome your fears! they are a role model to you!

- very generous when sharing their food with you!

strawberry, food, and smoothie image

- their smiles are so sweet! their laughs make your heart melt!

girl, pink, and hair image

- they are so pretty and kind and great! every girl is a work of art, the world is so lucky to have them

girl, tattoo, and stars image
now that is why i am so proud to be a girl !!!

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