In this article I decided to share with you a few of Martha Bibesco's quotes.
Novelist, poet and politician, Martha Bibesco was one of the most distinguished personalities of 20th-century aristocracy.

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"The arts are good and providential in that they allow the soul to imitate the movements of love, and to feel love without its being returned - which, perhaps, is the only way of feeling it permanently."

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"... love always betrays its intentions."

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"One should make one's life a mosaic. Let the general design be good, the colors lively, and the materials diversified ..."

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"There are no nationalities in heaven."

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"The game, always finished with a fall, was just a story announcing the future. As all childhood games are: puppets show how short and disturbing our life is, hide and seek, teaches us how to look for emotions, the running, how much you run to fulfill the desires, and the blind game, blind love and search."