Good morning guys ♥ Today I'd like to discuss another topical issue: manned missions to Mars.

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What do you guys think? Is humanity ready for this in your opinion or is it biting off more than it can chew?

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Setting foot on Mars has always been one of humanity’s biggest dreams. Many 18th century novelists, such as Percival Lowell and Leigh Brackett, who dealt with interplanetary travels and set stories on this planet, demonstrate how much interest men and women have always shown for the "The red planet" . Is setting foot on it still merely a fantasy or are we actually ready for this new frontier?

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Some people claim we are and that we meet all the requirements to do so. Among the supporters of this idea there is also ex USA president Barack Obama, who in a famous speech he gave in 2008 stated “By the mid-2030s I believe we can send humans to orbit around Mars and return them safely to Earth”. These missions would allow scientists to discover precious information about the origin of the universe and our solar system, because they would be able to make field tests and not abstract studies based on photos.

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However, a study conducted in 1989 by NASA demonstrated that this project would involve enormous costs and that current technology is not so advanced to be able to send humans on Mars. As illustrated by Schiaparelli crash, connection between probes and Earth is not perfect yet and one is not able to intervene in case something goes wrong and this might happen to astronauts too.

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To me high risk level is a reason not to support manned missions to Mars and therefore further studies on this planet and improvements in probes and rockets are needed before we send flesh and blood humans on Mars.

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- Helen Reeva, 30th August-