1- You can light the fire!

fire, book, and fireplace image

2-You can Play in the leaves!

love, couple, and dance image

3- You can wear your Cosy Jumpers!

converse, outfit, and sexy image

4- You can snuggle down for a movie on the sofa

american horror story, ahs, and black image

5-Not forgetting Pumkin Spiced Lattes!

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

6- You can sit and maybe have a picnic in the leaves

happy image

7- Beautiful sunsets!

Image by anaclara

8- Orange leaves! (Btw they make fab pics)

castle, autumn, and germany image

9- When the leaves fall, kick them about!

Image by Jess

10- Halloween!!!!

Halloween, pumpkin, and wallpaper image

Have a fabulous Fall/Autumn and enjoy it!