I know it sounds like the biggest cliche, the whole timing is off, but we're perfect for each other. That is why the agenda of this article isn't going to be that.

But thinking about it all now, he is still the right person for me, and I'm the right person for him and for timing, it is something I don't believe in. If two people want each other enough, then they will make it happen. What I mean with wrong time is that he's not ready to leave his single days behind.

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When we're around each other, everything is perfect, just like a relationship should be. When we're apart there isn't a single obligation towards the other.

Has he broken my heart, before I came to the conclusion that he wasn't ready to be in a relationship? Yes, so many times. Do I wish he would grow some guts and get his shit together, so we could be together? I wouldn't say no, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready for him either. We do have the make-it-or-break-it kind of relationship, and right now, I think we both need to fuck up another relationship to realise that what we have we can find anywhere else.

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So in 8-10 years when we both living life in a big city, both ready to settle down, we will definitely make, because the time will be right for both of us. We will be the couple who has been together on and off for longer than our friends can remember, they will be surprised that we made it. But we will only make it if we both agree on the terms of the now. Our parents will say finally, and still, talk about the time we went sailing together or the time we wrapped our Christmas presents together.

A collection for the most perfect boy I've ever met, the ups and the downs and the future.

So here's to knowing that someone is perfect for your future!
xoxo G