Summer is ending and its so sad that it is. To be for real though, I did nothing this whole summer. Like my parents always say to me, "All you do is sleep, eat and repeat." I guess that's true though.
I'm starting school next week, but I already know that some schools already started, so I think I consider myself quite lucky.
But I'm excited. New School Year. New You.
Things I'm excited for:
-New friends
-New clothes
-New People
Its actually not that much, now that I think about it. Anyways I'm always looking forward for new changes (changes that are good) and I all of change, even if don't think that we did. I hope by the end of the school year that me and whoever reading this will have eventually changed into someone who's a bit better than their old self. Make sure that you study hard and always accomplish your goals.
- k
P.S. This is my first article, so don't judge. XOX.