Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Recently, I finished the book Hate List by Jennifer Brown, and I'll be honest, I almost wanted to return it the day I bought it... However, I gave it some time, I reread it, then I flowed with the story.

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My summary is this: Valerie Leftman and Nick Levil — practically partners in crime. No wonder they're boyfriend and girlfriend. See, they have an immensely strong dislike to the people around them; heck, maybe even the world and its unfairness, but they have their reasons. Those reasons brought them together.
When you have that kind of mindset, you truly think that it's you against the world. Which was exactly what Valerie and Nick thought. So, they - I guess you could say - started a list of things that were somewhat against them. They wrote a list of people and things they hated. From tedious things to Algebra (agreed), to family problems on Valerie's end, and to being mistreated and spat on by their own classmates on Nick's; you can't blame them for venting it to each other. And since they are a couple,
they supported each other. They strengthened each other. That was, until Nick opened fire at school, using the Hate List he created with Valerie as some sort of hit list. Valerie throws herself in the line of fire to stop the shooting, and injures herself, and soon sees Nick put a gun to his head right in front of her on that very day. Valerie is left to pick up the pieces. What went wrong? What was she going to do now? The question in bold: was she a hero for saving someone, or a killer for starting the list in the first place?

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My opinion on this book is that it started off a bit slow, but in the end, wow. I don't regret buying it anymore. Jennifer Brown made the story realistic. Of course, it's a shooting. It's happened before. People are killed. There's no bringing back the dead, no magic, no forgiveness that easily. Happy endings are definitely not for everyone. It had a very raw feeling to it in the very end. It's kind of unexplainable without throwing out a few spoilers, but I would sort of suggest it. I haven't seen this type of thing written before either, so that was a good read. It reminds me of Thirteen Reasons Why, in a way. You get to see a side. Read a chapter that hasn't been read aloud yet. That kind of thing.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I'd say a nice little 3 or 3.5. :)