I was not a fan of books once, but now I could call myself a bookworm. Reading helps us to run from the life we have and it makes us believe in many things. I chose a few books that every dreamy person should read and could even learn from them.

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So first on my list is the book about love and teenage years.
"To all the boys I've loved before" by Jenny Han is one of the books I really recommend to read to anyone who had a breakup or just really easy to fall in love. This book has 2 more other books. I only read "P.S. I still love you" as well and this year new book came out "Always and forever, Lara Jean" which I have not read yet. All three of them are THE MUST read, I would say.
( Btw there is a movie upcoming sometime, not sure when)

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Another book I fell in love with is about love and sad life of a teen. This made me think about a lot of different things in life. It is called "Eleanor & Park" and is a
Novel by Rainbow Rowell.
If you feel like nobody could love you for the way you look ( hope you do not feel this way and if you do, baby, you are strong and beautiful for every flaw you have) this book is meant to read. For me, it was screaming "BE BOLD"!

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If you read the books you read my article you know who John Green is. To be honest, I hated the first pages of a book I am about to talk. "Looking for Alaska" by John Green is killing in first pages. And I ended to read it after a while of not reading it at all. But I am very happy I did read it. This book speaks to all the weird and fun and crazy and dramatic and unique kids that there are. The end is so unpredictable. Read it and you will feel cold at the end.

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Till this day these are the greatest books I've read about teens. PLEASE IF YOU KNOW GOOD BOOKS SHARE THEM WITH ME IN MESSAGES. Always glad to talk about books.

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