Secret music video messages you totally missed!

Music is what feelings sound like

August 30, 2017

Look what you made me do

By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Reputation, and look what you made me do image

The music video: look what you made me do by Taylor swift has nearly everyone talking about the music video. There are many messages throughout the clip but a really obvious one is when the backup dancer’s cropped shirt has “I ♥ TS” which is a call back to the tank top Taylor’s ex wore - Tom Hiddleston
What about that single dollar bill in the bathtub full of precious jewels? It was about her trial, for which she was given $1.
Did you see the name on the gravestone at the beginning of the video? It said Nils Sjöberg, the fictitious singer used for her This is what you came for writing credit.

Where are ü now

By Jack ü Ft: Justin Bieber

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Many fans noticed what may have seemed to be a message to Justin Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez in this 2015 collaboration with deejay. The video (Linked under the picture) shows a fan - drawn graffiti overlaid on the singer’s dancing image. Though it didn’t say I miss you Selena or Where are are you Selena? we can’t ignore the fact that it made the final cut.

Shout out to my ex

By Little Mix

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Rumors have it that the band’s song is about Little Mix’s singer Perrie Edwards, ex - boyfriend Zayn Malik.
Not only does the video look like Pillowtalk but it also features a white teddy bear with a red heart being thrown out of the car. As Little Mix fans would know that Perrie Edwards was photographed carrying a almost alike teddy bear whilst hanging out with Zayn.


By Nick Jonas

bacon, chains, and champagne image

Nick Jonas’ 2014 music video has him on the highway driving a bike, if you look closely at the signs you can read that it says slow down, time passing, now leaving childhood and gratitude. More hidden words like this appear throughout the video and fans once again have a theory that they are about his venture into a solo career.

The Greatest

By Sia

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Sia’s emotional 2016 video was considered as a tribute to the victims for June’s 2016 shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando. Maddie Ziegler and the other 48 dancer represent the 49 innocent lives that were lost in the attack.
This haunting piece begins with Maddie smearing rainbow paint onto her cheeks before leading into a group with the other 48 dancers in what appears to be an empty and abandoned building.
Though Sia didn’t mention the meaning of this piece she did though retweet a Vulture story which was towards the Orlando victims.


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