So here we are , the end of this year's summer , the end of an adventure for some , a relaxing time for others and even a period of anxiety for a few.

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Whatever yours was , it's over mentally and officialy in about 2 days. You may feel sad that the period of having spare time for yourself without the pressure of the world around you it's reaching the finish line...again

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Summers can be a bliss and a curse at the same time. You loosen up in relation with the rest of the year , forget your priorities ( even though you may have them in the back of your mind) and you try to make the best of it.

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When the end is near though, you realise that hard times are beggining, the pressure of school / work / family you've been avoiding for this blissful time of joy and fun are coming back , like every single year.
Like a waterfall falling on your face, without remorse or mercy .

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So, it strikes; hard for some , harder for others. The equanimity of summer vacation is long gone and you need to return to reality. How can you do it , how can we do it? How to return to the constant responsibility , how to return to the fear of failure that lurks in every corner of our minds?

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Yes , you have all that in front of you, yes you shall face it all and you can't do otherwise...But like every year..

You Can Do It
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You will stand up, look the fear and responsibilty in the eye and hell make the best of this time too! It might be suffocating , tiring , feeling helpless and hurt , but it's worth it. For a day with your friends , for a day you will read your book on the hammock , for a day you will make yourself proud , for anoher summer...

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Never give up , whatever you see coming ready to put you down, whatever makes you feel that you can't make it and you need to stop; because these hard times we will all face sometime on way or another give the value to these small elated moments in our lives.

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Be the sovereign of your life. Don't let anything or anyone tell you different. You have the power to change things , the power to continue even if you see only darkness in front of you...maybe in that formidable darkness you are the light that will lead the way.

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xx Achillia