I think that following your passion & working hard is important but I've recently come to realise that society paints the picture that we have to work 100 hour weeks to be successful.

I think that success varies from person to person. I for instance find happiness is experiences. Spending time with my friends & family. Things like this don't cost a lot therefore I don't need to be at the level of success where wealth is a major factor.

Others find success in owning a large company, or graduating from university with an honours degree.

I don't think it's fair how society is making everyone feel like they need to work every single hour of their day to be successful. Yes it is proven that working as hard as Elon Musk or Gary Vaynerchuck will eventually bring you success - however this won't always bring you happiness. You'll miss out / forget about the things most important to you & become resentful of your job sooner of later.

I just don't think it's fair that teenagers are brought up on the idea that you need to work hard whilst your young & not enjoy your life. I think it's important to go out and enjoy your 20s / 30s because they'll be over before you know it & you'll end up looking back and realising that you gave up all those experiences for a success that you may not even be proud of.