What's more fun than a Night at the Museum right?

Well, the Civic District Outdoor Festival is a night festival that is held outside of the museum on the streets where they brought out the contents of the museum outside. There was a lot going on during the event - live performances, food booths and art flea market.

When you enter the event, the whole street is lit up with lights and decorative art structures that are also lit up for the visitors to take pictures with! In the middle of the streets, where all of the food booths are held at there's hanging lights that visitors can take a photo against it like a live wallpaper.Not to mention, there was delicious food such as churros, burgers and also different type of drinks for your different preferences.

The outdoor light festival

Image by Syikin Ismail city, festival, and lights image

Since the place was huge and there were different art exhibition that was going on, the place was divided into different districts so that visitors can direct themselves to one place after another. Live performances by the local artist and also surrounded by the flea markets with the local blog shop brands that were selling their unique goods as visitors comes along to enjoy the performances.

In the middle of the event, everyone was gathered up to

Even though there was a lot that is going on outside on the streets, it is also good to explore the exhibitions that are inside the museum to get the feeling on how the museum is at night. There are also aesthetic places inside the museum that you can take photos at! Overall the experience for me was really unique and I hope to get to experience many other events like this in the future.

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Entertainments at the Festival