Just Trying the new option lol. So... i need to write something uh?

First english is not my first language so, you might be found something strange on my grammar, i hope that the article will come out decent lol.

mmmmh let me think... oh yes! I've recently change my tastes about everything, 1 year ago i was wearing all black clothes, listen to metal bands and hate the color pink. Now , well, i love pink, still listen the same music, but i dress with light clothes and love everything is cute (except for hello kitty, still don't like that cat), my passion for anime, manga and videogames came alive more stronger, maybe is time for mental change? maybe ' was just tired of the same stuff? who knows , but i feel very comfortable with kawaii stuff e and happy!

When i was a teenager i was scared about changes and now i feel that this big change has make me a better person! I'm more positive about life and maybe this is was i really need! This is what they call adulthood?xD

So this is it ! see ya next time :D