Dear Bias,
Someday, i'll stop screaming your name. Someday, i'll stop dreaming about you. Someday, i'll stop this stupid game i know someday, weather i like it or not, my body will become more matured. I'm going to have a husband and kids. My hair will become all white. Someday i'll be aging, i'll be busy with my own life. As much as i don't want to forget you, the time will come that i can't even recognize your faces. The voice i always wanted to hear before. The smile i always wanted to see before. Someday, i will no longer remember. But one thing is for sure, even my memories fades away. My heart will find a way to bring me back to the time i was still dreaming that you and me, will be the characters i imagined us to be. My brain may not be functioning well, my heart still beats for the man who once made my life wonderful. So thank you for everything, even though you didn't know i exist.
ㅡ Your Fangirl.