HELLO people of WHI!!... I'm really happy about this new feature Articles.. It’s so amazing.. I can communicate with you more.. Instead of posting just pics..

my name is Qetta.. English isn't my native language and excuse me for my mistakes... in this article i just want to ask you guys WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO WRITE HERE? i just want to know what you like or think will be interesting to hear from me..
for example: favrite book reviews or movie..
song suggestions..
favorite quotes of all time and why..
q&a(to know me better)..
storytime (about my lovelife or just my life)..
my experience in art school..
outfit ideas..
some inspiration about life or studying..
study tips..
about self love no matter what..
my point of view about life and everything..
you can suggest me your own idea if you want..

guys, you can messege me what do you want to see from me, it's completely open..

okey, have a good day everyone and don't forget stay unique.. <3