Hello, and trust me no swear words in this article. This article will be tips on your crush....you could be in a relationship like me or you could also still be in a relationship and have a crush on someone or you could be a single pringle and have a crush on a special someone. Either way, we all have crushes and I will be telling y'all my tips on having a crush on someone.

1. Don't tell anyone who your crush is unless you trust that person (no like frfr trust that person) The reason why it's really not good to tell someone who your crush is because stuff like this happens: You walk into school and you hear whispers oh guess what they're talking about YOU HAVING A CRUSH ON THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE and trust me when you see that person you have a crush on 1. It's awkward or 2. It's not awkward Idk the person likes you back or something?

2. If you have a crush on someone you never ever talk to you need to find a way to have some sort of communication. It's really not a crush if you don't know that person like what is the point? I suggest if you have the same class as your crush or even at lunch try to find some way to talk to that special someone. (if you've found a way and have gotten to know that person then scroll down to number 3)

3. Say you already know that person or are friends with or basically have just gotten to talk and know each other congrats that's the number 1 key in a relationship communication. Now, this is what I have done in the past when I've had crushes on someone and what I'm about to tell you really helps..(scroll down to number 4 for this)

4. Find someone the same gender as the person you have a crush on. And you don't have to trust this person to ask. You don't even need to tell them who your crush is now tbh if you don't have a friend who is the same gender as the person you have a crush on idk find someone in your class...another perfect way to make a new friend (: Y'all can thank me later anyways ask them tips on how to know if your crush likes you and s%#t. I don't know tbh I think this article will help you out a lot (;

5. If you found out that your crush likes you back congrats! Now ask them out or smt idk BAHHAHAHAHAHHA I'm not a love doctor or am I? (;

6. Say your crush doesn't like you the way you like him or her. It's okay rejection can hurt but it's not the end of the world you'll find many other wonderful human beings out there you just have to eat potatoes and you'll be A okay (; Lmfaoo I'm joking now if 6 wasn't any help to you scroll down to #7 (;

7 YOUR CRUSH LIKES YOU BACK CONGRATS FAM! NOW SAY GO OUT ON A DATE OR SUM s#%t! Or since y'all already know each other maybe your crush will do the big move and ask y'all to date? I don't know?!

Okay well, I hope this helped in some way, bye from a depressed teenager! (: