Be thankful if I ever loved you
Gave you my time & adored you
Made you mine & never declined...
The rush that flows every time

gif and wind image
we swayed
amor, amour, and art image
we jived
art and kiss image
we rocked

So much I think my heart could stop.

Be thankful for me allowing you to see different sides of me.
The hallways with doors labeled ecstasy, anger, love, and devotion...
but never every part of me...

heartbreak and love image

Nah thats too risky in 2017
Who do you think I am to give you all of me?
For many would think I'm allowing my past to haunt me when I won't let a boy in.
But I bet those are the same people crying "why isn't he texting me"...

gif, kurd, and kurdish image
well because he's texting Jenn...

Furthermore, be thankful if I've ever prayed for you
If I've ever closed my eyes & elevated my head for you.
If I've ever shed a tear for you, been down for you

Dear enemies,

cat, black, and black and white image
...Even when you plot on me, I'll still be praying for you.