Good Drugstore Makeup Dupes

I’m a drug store beauty girl, I love going to the drugstore and buying makeup I can afford

August 30, 2017

These are some drugstore dupes from high end makeup like Sephora and MAC etc. The credit to all this information will be located towards the end of the article.

One - Diorshow Mascara

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Diorshow Mascara by Dior, $29 at Sephora
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If this product volumizes your lashes they way you like them, you don’t have to spend $29 for a single product! L’Oréal’s Voluminous mascara does the same work as the pricer product. Plus if you think about it, it looks way more fab than the plain old black tube.

Two - Naked Palette

Image by Katarzyna Biderman
Naked Palette by Urban Decay, $54 at Sephora


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The Nudes eyeshadow palette by Maybelline, $10 at Ulta

With staying powder and many different palettes of different variety of colour schemes, Maybelline’s The Nudes is practically the same to one of the worlds most popular palettes!

Caudalie’s Luxe Mist

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Beauty Elixir, $49 at Caudalie


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Glow Tonic by Pixi, $15 at Target

Pixi’s Glow Tonic may not have the same built - in spritz function like the Caudalie’s Luxe Mist has but it has the same brightening effect and tone for the skin. Plus, who can’t resist a pretty pink?

Four - The Anastasia contour kit

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The contour kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills is $40 at Sephora


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Kate sculpting and highlighting kit by Rimmel London, $7 at Ulta

You definitely don’t have to spend so much money just to add some chisel to your cheekbones. At least for under $10 you can contour, sculpt and highlight all in one thanks to Rimmel London.

Five - Nars Orgasm

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Blush in orgasm, $30 at Nars cosmetics


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Baked powder blush in Dolce pink by Milani, $10 at

Nar’s most loved golden - toned, peach - pink blush is a big seller but Milani’s Dolce pink blush is a fantastic substitute as a little bit of shimmer goes a long way!

Six - MAC Russian red lipstick

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A matte lipstick in Russian red, $17 at MAC


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Kate Moss collection lasting finish lipstick in my little black dress by Rimmel, $5 at Target

This blue - toned matte red lipstick isn’t hard to get at a low price, which therefore means you can save your money and use it for something else!

Seven - Benefit’s brow gel

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Gimme brow is a volumizing eyebrow gel at $24 at


Tinted brow gel by Sonia Kashuk, $6 at Target

As long has the brow gel product comes with a good brush, it is easier to define and achieve thick arches. This product gives pigment but keeps it looking natural!

Last but certainly not least - Armani foundation

Foundation and Giorgio Armani image
Luminous silk foundation by Giorgio Armani beauty, $65 at Sephora


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Fit Me matte + poreless foundation by Maybelline for $8 at Ulta

Armani’s silk foundation is apparently the best on the market but it is definitely not cheap to buy. For the near - identical resemblance the Maybelline’s liquid foundation does the trick! They are both fantastic options if you have oily skin so that has got you covered!


The information was gathered by Rebecca Deczynski from snapchat. Not all the information from her I used, I only used it as a guideline.
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