Hello, My name is Amy. :) Well whoever is reading this thanks for spending time reading this story well alright lets start. In the beginning of this year 2017 I was in a relationship with this guy for 2 months. He was amazing, he would write me paragraphs all the time, everything a girl wants but me personally I hate being bothered all the time, basically I hate clingy people. I realized around February I couldn't be with him anymore because of sports and I just couldn't handle the fact that he would never leave me alone not even for 5 mins!! So I write him this paragraph explaining the reasons why we couldn't be together and he was destroyed :( The pain I caused him was explainable everyday I would cry myself to sleep just thinking about him crying all just because of me. Around a couple weeks later he starts posting pictures of girls with hearts and I'm not gonna lie I was hurt but at that moment I felt like he was getting payback so I let it be. It kept happening for weeks and weeks until I couldn't handle it anymore so I blocked him from everything and never talked to him again until around 2 weeks ago he pops out of nowhere and tells me everything that has happened to him since last time we ever talked after that we ended up becoming bestfriends which I know some of you guys are like what the hell why?! but that's a completely different story so time goes by and we stopped talking because of sports and stuff but I'm doing perfectly fine and I've actually met new people and I'm happy where I'm at right now :)...Like everyone says "People come and go" so just remember that everyone that come and leave your life always teaches you something about yourself that makes you a better, stronger person in the future so always be thankful even if you hate that person so much lol. Alright so like I said in the beginning thanks for reading this story! Have a blessed day, Love Amy