Please stop comparing yourself with other girls... I know they are so beautiful and they have a pretty face, a nice smile, a body with curves. I know it's something hard to do because everyone likes her photos and they are really cute, and they have friends that you wish had. Even your boyfriend likes her... I know it's hard and hurts so much. And these last days I have been doing that, comparing myself, looking for reasons why I don't deserve attention or love, but it's the easier way to confront the reality, that I don't love myself. And no matter if I spend hours reading and searching quotes, phrases of motivation, in the end, I have the same ideas. That I'm not good enough. And it's so hard... really hard.
I'm at the point that I don't take care of myself, I mean... I don't take a shower in days, my hair is a mess, I don't eat, I wasting my time stalking, and sleeping a lot. I'm telling myself every night that tomorrow I going to get up early and hang out, and going to read the books that I want to, but when my phone sounds... I turn it off. Every morning I lay in bed and... keep sleeping. I'm destroying myself.

And nobody asks if you're fine, they don't ask why you decided to cancel plans... seems like they don't care.
But today I realize one thing. There is one person in the world who should care. It's me, only me.
The start of loving myself and take care of myself.
And I hope you find a way to do it. To start to love yourself.

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