She was curled up in the corner,
Thinking that she’d be safe.
She dreamt of traveling the world,
And dancing in the night.

But little did she know that all the stories were true--
The way the monsters creep up on you in the middle of the night.
The way they sense your fear,
And the way they feed on happiness.

I watched her as I stroked her brown hair.
I smelled the pretty dreams she carried within her every moment of every day.
There it was, the cut where she had scraped her knee earlier that day.
It was hidden, but the smell, oh, the smell…

The aroma of salty blood filled up my nostrils,
And I took the bite.
My teeth tearing at her soft skin.
The screams of a young girl filled the house, but stopped within seconds.

I sat in the corner of the room,
And I waited for her soul to arise once more.
Before the morning sunrise,
She sat up on the edge of her bed.

A new pair black eyes opened up to the world.

//via r. wilson