There will always be times when we will want to disappear, and I say it from our own experience. Pain is something we learn to live with.

I have given a lot war against myself in the moment of not surrendering I am just a girl giving her opinion.

Suicide is an extremely delicate subject that can not be treated lightly, just because somebody tell you something that you did not like, you don't have to get depressed. On the contrary, you must show them that you are strong and that you do not care about them opinion.

Don't say that you are alone, 'cause it's not, there will always be someone who will support you and give you their support and love. Make yourself heard, don't stop the pain, don't fix smiles, don't suppress tears. Talk to someone about it, tell it to a friend, partner, relative, teacher or even a stranger. Someone will listen to you and help you. Don't let you down. Don't Give Up. Not everything is lost, pass the page but do not close the book.

I hope this article has helped you of something. Lelex.