Yellow, my fellow readers you guys are just hearting the f**k out of my articles which I love btw. Anyways the title wasn't really explanatory but this article will be about my experience with "best friends". So let's get right into this article. So I just lost a best friend today just right now. It was over my boyfriend...Brendon. Well, Alyssa was really close to me and losing her hurts it hurts so much. I will not say the reason why she is no longer my best friend but heads up never choose your boyfriend over your best friend btw I did not. So my other "best friend" I had her and I are no longer close. I've known her since kindergarten..I'd come over to her house all the time wherever I went she came along too. So I moved..(If y'all want I can do a moving article) and our friendship did not carry on. We talked on the phone sometimes...anyways one night we talked on the phone and something was going on and I kid you, not this hoe said: " I can't tell you it's private." That night I was pissed....because WE TELL EACH OTHER EVERYTHING! But just to say for me I really don't have a "best friend" they don't end out well for me. Okay well bye bitches, from a depressed teenager (: