I suppose you have sometimes questioned yourself: am I really happy? Am I happy with myself? Do I accept myself as I am?
These questions we ask them over and over again, maybe we will not answer one or even all of them.

I understand that normally in the stage of adolescence we can feel that they do not want us or that they do not understand us, just as at that stage we are more vulnerable to being influenced by wanting to be like others or acting like them. It's one thing you like how they dress or admire them and another very different one that you want to cope at all.

I ask you and I want you to answer with sincerity: are you happy?, Do you like how you are physically and as a person? ...

I'll tell you in a moment; From my point of view the first thing you must do to be happy is: love yourself, accept yourself as a person and in your physical. Stop wanting to imitate other people and want to be like them, just try to be yourself. Always try to see the positive things, do not let the negative comments affect you and depress you.

So I can tell you that I have always thought that the first thing you must do to be happy, as I already mentioned is to love yourself, because when you love and accept yourself as you are, you will be happy, happy, All the people around you.

Remember, just love yourself and be yourself ....

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Thanks for reading it I hope and you have understood what I meant ...

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