Sometimes I need to do this,
Talk about what stifles me, what obstructs my chest.

Sometimes we humans don't serve to realize what happens to our surroundings.

We all ignore something, we ignore words, emotions, actions or looks.

I don't even go half of my life, I can't say that, but in all this time I lived in a metaphorical world.

A world that isolates me from the truth before my eyes, the crude and cruel truths that weak people like me don't want to see.

Sometimes I would like to live the reality and face it, to stop using any type of pleonasm to beautify what can't be so, gentle, fanciful.

I used to think that I had unique ideas that could make the world think differently, but by expanding my horizons, even a little, I realized that I am so ordinary, uninteresting and even dare to say to myself that another stupid teenager believing special.

Sometimes I would like to live the real world in front of me, but sometimes,

my own world adapts to my weak soul, if there is one.

I realize that I am only an insignificant particle living in a galaxy, a black hole, a planet, a place that is not half as huge as the rest that we have yet to know.