I want to fade, shrink away from my bones until they protrude, pointing me in the right direction, until I am a rib cage protecting a cold heart and slow lungs, until time slows to the speed of falling out of love. Time lapse and you're 10 pounds gone. Time lapse and he's never coming back. Time lapse and you're having water for lunch. Time lapse, don't get out of bed. Time lapse, what happened to you? Depression has been your only constant, a war in which the protagonist and the antagonist are the same person. You. And when you're alone in a hole, look down to remind yourself who is holding the shovel. When you're alone, don't scream because they won't hear you. When you're alone, write about your feelings like they matter, like someone would read them, like someone cared.
Like it's not too late for you.
Draw a picture.
Make a playlist.
Whatever it is that shines a little light into your darkness.
Because people don't like it when you give up.