My name is Layla Maverick, and I live in a box. I live in a glass box big enough to stand in and walk about a meter, and it’s about eight feet high. I don’t really remember why I live in this box, and no, I don’t know how to get out. I don’t quite see a reason to need get out either.
For as long as I can remember, the only people I know are the very few scientist that walk in and out, checking on me and the box, and then scribbling down things onto a clipboard. At least, that is until they had him join me.
I was asleep when they wheeled in his box; completely oblivious to the sounds of their presence, and the fixture of his little home to the ground. They left without a word leaving me and him alone, locked away in a white tiled room, our boxes right beside each other.
I sure wish they had informed me of his arrival, for that would have saved me the surprise and unpleasant welcoming of this young man. When my eyes fluttered open an instinct I couldn’t control forced me to throw myself against the box and although I tried to pull it back a scream jumped out of my mouth and tossed itself into the air. His reaction, as anyone’s would have been, was to jolt up startled and stare at me wide eyed. His expression was of pure confusion and I had to assume that mine was too.

He tilted his head to the left, letting one corner of his mouth curve into a side smile. I felt the tiniest bit uncomfortable, but I tried not to show it. He looked away from me and scanned the white room through the transparent walls of his box. He moved forward and pushed himself up, letting his legs carry him across towards the edge of the receptacle. The silence seemed to choke me, so I decided it was best to just fill it with my voice.
“You’re a boy”, I let the words twist into a metaphoric sword that sunk into the silence making it vanish. He turned around and walked a few steps back, before sitting down cross-legged, staring directly at me. The smile appeared again on his quite masculine face. I noticed his messy chocolate coloured hair and his sparkling emerald eyes, but didn’t say anything.
“Yes, you are quite correct,” His voice gave me unexplained goosebumps, “I am indeed an honoured member of the unofficial team of those deemed male, on this beautiful earth, and so I am led to believe that you are also a male with a bit of ‘fe’ in front who seems to find me a bit attractive”
“Don’t you speak normal English” whatever he said made little to no sense to me at all. He then heaved a sigh and let his- I hate myself for this but- actually quite attractive head fall into his palm, which was attached to an averagely muscular arm and elbow which had sunken into his thigh for support.
“My parents had me take all advanced courses in school, and I had grown quite fond of the world of advanced literature. Thus my vocabulary may be a bit convoluted for the common mind.” I think I sensed pride in his voice. I nodded slowly, before pushing my hair off my shoulders so it would sway against my back.
“So that’s just how you speak? With extremely complicated words which I don’t understand the majority of?” He laughed and leaned back, letting his arms land behind him to keep him only still slightly sitting up. He wore the same white T-shirt I did, but a much larger version I guess. “What’s it like?” I asked.
“Being a boy or being outside?” He asked me back. I opened my mouth to speak but he just starting answering both. “Being a boy is like being a girl except your physical makeup is different and you do not comprehend girls or why they just do not comprehend you.
“Being outside, well, you don’t understand the beauty of it all until you get locked up in a glass case like this.” To my great surprise, that actually made plenty of sense. I nodded slowly, just as another question popped into my head.
“How did you get here?” I asked solemnly. He gave me a crooked smile, and then looked up at the ceiling through the glass. He tilted his head as if he was examining every little detail of the lights and the ceiling tiles. I watched as his goofy crooked smile faded into a sad and broken hearted fake smile. The happy aura around us dimmed, and I could swear the lights did too.
“I was,” He paused and looked down at his hands, “basically I was kidnapped. Stolen from the streets of L.A by a corporation I don’t remember the name of so they could poison me with exotically named,unfamiliar chemicals and throw me in a glass case for experimental purposes like a lab rat.” His face looked different. His eyebrows were furrowed and his lips kinda quivered. He looked up again, and then at me.
“That sounds so cruel.” My voice came out quieter than I had wanted it to be. He just laughed and shook his head. There was a very awkward mourning silence that followed. He just stared at the ground and I tried really hard not to stare at him. I really have never seen a boy before.
“Is it not what had happened to you?” the question felt like a knife being driven into my brain. The answer, well the answer made my brain hurt even more. The honest answer is that I didn’t know. Or maybe it was that I didn’t remember. Honestly, I don’t know if I don’t remember, and I don’t even know if I actually don’t remember what I do know. It was too complicated and it really did hurt my brain thinking about it.
“I don’t actually know, or remember maybe” I felt a little ashamed, but I didn’t know why. He just nodded again, and sat there for a minute before heaving a sigh. I looked at him, and smiled a little when he lay down, one hand under his head and another on his stomach. I lay down as well, on my side facing him.
“Perhaps one day, one lucky day, this entire nightmare just might come to an end. Perhaps one day they would let us out of these horrid cases and we would find ourselves on the streets of L.A once again. Then I would find my way home- and you would come with me- and I would have an emotional reunion with my parents-god I miss them a great deal- and then we would find your parents and if we don’t, I’ll take you to hawaii.
“I’ll show you beautiful beaches and we’d watch the sunset. Then We’d fly across the world find ourselves in, say, Paris. I could go on forever.”

And with that thought, we both fell asleep in our little boxes.


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