Females need to know that showing your body, is not everything, because it's useless like omg, and it's honestly not going to give you respect,and seriousness to you. Elegant is Having a sense of dignity and confidence while exuding class, poise and grace or just pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

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Beauty, some girls be way to in to there looks it's unhealthy, there is nothing with loving, and watching ''Right'', but there is vain, and narcissism though it's a personality disorder, and it's really bad for a person who have this, it's usually happen when they look up to someone who is all in there looks,and have gotten plastic/cometic surgery. Just don't be all vain.

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Don't be narcissistic, and vain with your looks, remember your intelligent should come, before your looks.

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A lot of females these day's have no heart, or a good a attitude tbh, but more of a disgusting, and awful behavior. We need more of a elegant, funny, and classy behavior, than being nice, and kind to each other even when we are stranger's as well.

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Most are all gone. You can thank our liberal society.

Some females started developing their identity on how well a guy will get off screwing them as if they have no other purpose than to be attractive to men.
They started conforming to the unrealistic standards men pressure women to meet.
They started destroying their identity and purpose by giving away their bodies so willingly to multiple people as a temporary fix to their low self esteems.
They started looking up to women like Kim K; someone who is famous for nothing good, obsessed with having a nice body, would look ordinary without make up and contributes nothing to this world other than men's fantasies.
Their minds,and behavior have been eroded by society's twisted ideas.

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