It is my first week as a college student... I am the first one in my family to do so. So I suppose you can say that I have a variety of emotions going through my being.
I am scared. What if I fail? What if every single thing I do, ends up being wrong? What if the class that I take ends up being too much for me to handle? I am not equiped for this. I am barely eighteen years old. This is too much responsibility for a young person like me.
I am excited. I'm excited for the new environment that I will be in. I'm excited to learn new things. I am very excited to make new friends and aquaintances. Most of all though, I am excited to discover myself.
I am proud. I am proud of myself for accomplishing the things I have so far. I finished high school. I graduated. I got to walk and celebrate my high school self. I am proud of the place that I am at right now.
I cannot wait for the future and the things to come.