"It all started with a simple love note, they both liked each other. She never knew how to treat a guy but tried anyway. Then she found out something personal about him and was willing to put it behind her, he had lots of female friends, even though she knew he developed that love for her she started to feel insecure. She held on. Eventually they broke up a month after since her parents were on the verge of finding out about her private relationship. She did everything to protect him from getting into trouble for her; ignore him, tell him terrible things, yell at him, block him on social media, not return his calls or his text messages. After the situation died down a little she felt broken about the way she treated him and knew she had to get him back, they were back together but it seemed like they weren't. The time came when he was leaving for another state course she was gonna miss him but she never showed it".

Even though he was overseas he tried to get her back but she turned him down. He eventually moved on when she was ready for a REAL relationship with him but she lost him.

Every sad song she heard, any love quote reminded her of him, every second she spent alone she thought about him, she even stayed up at 2:00 in the morning thinking of him. Whenever he'd message her she stopped talking to whoever just so he'd get all of her attention.

She never wanted any relationship with guys cause she still liked him, it was hard for her to move on.

Now he believed in her he knew how intelligent she was. She failed her first SAT exam and on the second one she managed to passed but failed math her scores weren't the best but they were valuable she couldn't have told him that cause she was ashamed.

Everyone who she was close with said bad things about her behind her back and discouraged her but she called out to GOD despite of all this. Her two best friends were supportive her father and stepmom also. She started to suffer from a serious case of depression, had mental break downs and even struggled from shortness of breath she wasn't allowed to hang out whenever she wanted to not even with her best friends, black was her favorite color to wear, rainy days became her favorite. She put all this behind her, got tough, moved on, stopped caring and stopped listening to naysayers she even developed the feeling to curse out loud, cried almost everyday and always wanted be alone.

She got a job paid for her own lesson fees to sit the SAT exam again but this time she changed her major and aced the exams.

Now she's on her way to University to further her studies.