What's the difference with a religious life? I mean... I know a lot of people who go to church and say "Lord", even in my family, but I see only people lying themselves.
I went to a Seventh-Day Adventist School, and I met friends, teachers, parents... I went to different churches, and I met families, children, women, men... I met some amazing people there, and I met some people who were not so amazing.
Religious people often discriminate. By how they dress, how they talk, what they believe or do not believe, their sex life, their sexual orientation, etc.
I'd be sad if someone I love is telling me "That's wrong, it's wrong, you're wrong, you have to change your feelings, your tastes, your way of being, your way of dressing" and some shit like that.
This happened to me. In my friends, in my family, and even I told myself this shit, because I felt so misunderstood that I tried to be like the others. And you must to know that doesn't work.
I started to find myself. And everything changed.
I'm not straight. I don't like wearing ties, I like to wear skirts. I usually say those "bad words". I don't believe in god. And it's not a problem at all!
I love people regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. And I think LOVE is a biblic value.
I like to dress in clothes that I like. And it's alright to be proud of yourself. It's something religion doesn't teach you. They say that god has to be proud of you, not you. AND THIS IS WRONG.
I don't say words that offend people, because I don't want to hurt anybody. Some religious people often say hurful words without bad words... Let it remain in your mind.
So... What's the difference with a religious life?
The difference is that "god" (people) forces you to be someone you are not.