this's my first post and i'm so excited. i'll post some inspirational pictures that i love & some things from my bucket list. hope you like it!

  • get my first tattoo
tattoo, rose, and flower image
  • get a flat tummy
abs, beauty, and tan image
  • try this make up
girl, makeup, and beauty image
  • buy some watches
watch, style, and black image
  • make a comfy desk
home, pink, and decor image
  • buy a cute bag
fashion, bag, and pink image
  • make a beauty desk
Image by S ı ʟ ᴀ
  • make a place where read
room, light, and bedroom image
  • visit new york city
city, beautiful, and place image
  • make a cute corner on my bedroom
room, home, and tumblr image

love ya