None can disagree that problems are very hard to handle, But thanks to them we learn a lot, we discover something new it can be worse, but with time we understand that it was an experience that changed something in every one of us. It doesn't mean that we worth it but life has every time a mysterious ways to show us that we were wrong.
Personally, The difficulties which I faced in my life are extremely harmful! I was broken from a young age and I still suffering. Nevertheless Nobody has heard me crying , I always kept it to me .And I'm still here fighting and fighting for my dreams and ambitions. Whatever life has prepared for me I'm ready for all the challenges and the troubles ! I won't give up , what is destined for me is already destined why to be scared that much ? Why to end up regretting the chances I didn't take ? Why to let people who want me to falling down satisfy their egos ? No one except Allah (God) deserves you to turn back to him when you are all in pain , He is the one and only who can understand you without saying a word , He is the one who knows what happen in your inside , The one who is able to solve all your problems , The one who loves you the most and care for you. Allah is the only one who can truly satisfy your heart because is the one who created it.

As you had noticed , I've not lived the perfect life but I'm grateful to myself because at least I was brave to continue the war and being different. By the way I want to thanks god for everything in my life it was good or bad Because the combinations of all those moments which made me who I Am

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