Hope ! Is such a waking dream in which everything is possible . Everybody could do anything they strongly want when and with who they want without being judged , But a very few people who could appreciate The Power to their Hope .

One day I had to choose either to fight my pain and all my scars and become stronger or dealing with it to the infinite... I choose both ways! The first way was necessary, it helped me to turn the suffering into power and the second one to remind me that although all the slaps that I get I didn't quit This why I really matter. Moreover, I gave a power to my hopes, How ? I trusted on my God first and believed in myself and my abilities. I was always telling myself That I have a great energy inside me which can change everything I'm living it So that I must work based on that. Alhamdulillah I did and The best proof is my modest blog! Even if nobody read what I'm saying for the moment but I'm sure , one day My voice will be heard and respected. When I write an article I just feel proud of my personality , I feel that my strength made my life worth telling .. I swear It's the best feeling ever. It makes me see life positively.

Thanks For Reading :')
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