Today was my first adventure... or the beginning of whats gonna be the biggest one of my young life: college.

Going to college seems like a very scary thing to do nowadays... it is to many of us: the fact of leaving our high schools friends behind and to face the challenge to make new ones from a pile of strangers and leave the people that became family in the high school classroom, that's the worst part for me.

For some of you, leaving home is the hardest thing to do in this process, but as I live in the Dominican Republic, things are different here, I get to live at home and my campus is ten minutes away!

Anyway, going to college is still pretty hard as is all new and stuff but, let's keep positive vibes and look at the silver lining and enjoy this scary ride of the roller coaster we call LIFE. And let's really enjoy it: make lots of friends, go to parties, stay up late studying and don't forget to get to know yourself in the way!