He made me feel pretty.

Honestly, it's not like i haven't been called pretty before. I'm pretty sure my parents told me that when i was a toddler, and my friends tell me that i'm beautiful everytime i ask.

He just naturally made me feel pretty.

He never told me that directly, of course. He talks and talks about meaningless things, but when it came to feelings, he was better writing them than saying them out loud (which was a good thing, because i was too).

I never needed a guy to make me feel pretty. I never needed anybody to tell me i was pretty. I knew i wasn't. I just knew. (after all, i was the one who had to see her own reflexion in the mirror every single fucking day); but we all know that nice feeling you get when you get called pretty or beautiful. And even when he didn't tell me, the moment that i received his message, i felt like the most beautiful person in the world.

It all started out thanks to Emma Watson.

Emma Watson, for me, is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen, so, as a huge fan of her, my profile picture was of her. He and i where chosen to participate on a Math contest that our school held; i texted him one day asking him for a question, and we started texting each other (about Math, of course) since then. It's not like we didn't know each other already, but this was probably the first time we ever spoke as FRIENDS.

One day, while i was studying, i received a text. Since it was Wednesday, i naturally assumed that it was him, since my friends and i never texted unless we had homework (which we didn't at that time). I was right. He texted me another 3 times, but i needed to keep studying, so i ignored it until i took a much needed break and finally opened my phone.

"Just for you to know"
"When i saw your profile picture"
"I thought it was you"

The first 5 seconds i stood there, frozen in place. Did he just told me that he tought i looked like Emma Watson? Was he serious?

When i finally realized that, yes, the text was real and yes, the text was from the boy who barely even spoke to me, a wide, big smile spread over my face. Everytime i remember that day, that same smile reappears. A sadder one, but a big, wide one anyways.

That was the best compliment i have ever received in my entire life. It's still is. And i told him that.

I guessed he realized that the compliment was way cuter that he intented, since he just responded with "LOL"

Now 6 months later, it's funny to remember how everything started. I have changed my profile picture now (not that he would be able to see it, since he probably deleted my number 3 months ago)

He then proceeded to tell me that i looked like Emma Watson 2 more times months later, but nothing was so special as that first time.

Even if i didn't know it back then, that compliment was the beggining of everyting; and although i regret so many things i said to him and he probably does too, i know for sure that neither of us regret sending those texts.

And it all started with that Emma Watson picture.