“I can’t with it anymore. Is it me? Is it you? Is it all of you? You are all suffering and I have to be there for you, I have to be the strong one. But, when it’s my turn? I’m giving up my life to go try and fix yours”.

I guess that’s love.

“I hate seeing you suffering and I feel so selfish because of that, but I need my own time to mourn too. I too have a broken heart.

If the most honorable, honest and loyal person I’ve ever known could do this then, is someone out there that won’t? My hero has fallen and so did my world. It is collapsing and I’m losing faith. Faith in people, loyalty, faith in love.

Why do they keep doing stupid things if they know that’s going to hurt the people they love? Just because they can do it I guess.

Am I a misfit? An outcast? Will I ever fit in? I’m tired of people making so many dumb mistakes. It’s like they’re daring life to destroy them, to hurt them”.

You don’t hurt the people you love. They say you don’t have to lose yourself because you found somebody. And they’re right. In fact, you should find yourself. You should find yourself in people, in love, in art… In all the beautiful things this life has to offer.

But people can’t embrace life or love. They just know how to suffer from it.

Am I the only one? Am I alone?

Soruce: https://writerworldofwords.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/why-do-we-do-what-we-do/